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10 of the Strangest Places on Earth You Can Visit

Nora Hughes

For most of us, we spend the majority of our lives creating an environment for ourselves and our loved ones to call home. We try and create a space that is comfortable and safe, a place that is welcoming and a place that is familiar. However, in spite of all of this effort that we put into creating our homes, there is usually a tiny voice inside all of us (or in some cases, a loud scream) that tells us to get out and travel. So why do so many people want to leave the places they created in search of the new and unknown?

For some, the drive to travel is the challenging of oneself. Very often people feel stuck in the monotony of their day to day lives and are yearning desperately for excitement. They wish to push their boundaries and often their comfort zones in far off places, leaving the creature comforts at home. Adventure, memories, and experiences are what these people are after, and it is through traveling that they hope to get it.

However, the exotic, distant and untamed is not for everyone. For much more, the idea of travel is not so deeply rooted in adventure, but rather, with more of a leisurely tone. These men and women to wish to escape the monotony of their routine filled lives, however, they choose to do so in a different way. Perhaps they prefer to spend their travel laying on the beach of a far off land, or taking in the sites of some of the world’s most historical places. And at the end of the day, usually, these people chose to retire to a cozy, well-appointed hotel room where they can still feel connected, even though they are thousands of miles away.

Yes, the idea of travel and vacationing is certainly a subjective one, which seems fitting considering the wide variety of things this world has to offer. From 5 star suites to backpacking through a rainforest, travel options are plentiful, with something to satisfy even the most bizarre of preferences. But what if that is where your preferences lay; the bizarre and the strange? What if when you travel you are looking to visit places that blur the line between fact and fiction, the explained and the unexplainable? Or maybe you wish to visit a place that will have you wondering if you are still on the same planet?

Well, believe it or not, this planet of ours abounds with such places. So before you call your travel agent or go online to book your next vacation, read through some of the strangest places on earth that you can visit and ensure that your next vacation is truly a memorable one.