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10 Flights That Have Simply Vanished

Nora Hughes

Millions of passengers travel by air each and every day, and most experience little to no hesitation about it whatsoever. While numerous experts have advised the public that flying is often much safer than your morning commute, there may be some history to prove that every once in a while, flying can be very mysterious, and even dangerous.

The most recent aircraft that has caused a massive media uproar, was the missing Malaysia flight. The news all over the globe ran very personal stories about each passenger, and many families grieved live on television over their losses of loved ones. Often when a flight simply disappears it never does become explained, even many years afterward. What happens to these planes? Do pilots keep them and stash them in tiny towns or compounds? Do they crash over huge bodied of water? Have they been hijacked? These are all common questions when a plane vanishes, and fortunately, with the tremendous advances in technology, many airlines have incredible means to track flights, and as a result, hopefully, in the near future this strange occurrence will continue to decrease.